April Fool's Day sees Maidenhead organisations and celebrities prank the public

April Fool’s day saw a variety of people and businesses from around Maidenhead and Berkshire attempt to trick the public on social media. Some of the pranks were more convincing than others, but most of them helped raise a smile on a dreary Monday morning. Reporter George Roberts has picked out some of his favourites.


Bray-based DJ and hot sauce maker John B announced that he would be creating the soundtrack for the upcoming film ‘Joker’, based on the Batman villain. He got a few messages of congratulations from fans before he revealed that it was just a gag. But he did reveal that he is moving to a new studio.

Maidenhead Fire Station boasted that it had acquired a new vehicle for its fleet – the Bronco 112metre platform, which is the largest in the world. It added the Twitter hashtag #windyatthetop.

The Cliveden National Trust Twitter account joked that it would be replacing the front lawns beneath the hotel with a floodlit astroturf stadium. Not many were convinced, but one Twitter user admitted they had been fooled for ‘five seconds’.

The Kaffirs of Cookham Dean, which runs the annual Gravity Grand Prix every September, said a shortage of high-vis yellow vests threatened this year’s race.

British Transport Police warned that new anti-social behaviour legislation meant people eating smelly snacks on the train could face a £2,000 fine. Some may have welcomed the move.

And finally, Marlow community news site MyMarlow published an amusing article stating that heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) would be permitted to cross Marlow Bridge in the event of a no-deal Brexit. In 2016 the bridge was closed for months after an HGV damaged the structure when it drove over.


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