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13:00 Thursday 25 March 2010 

Saroya heads Down Under

Magpies centre-back Nevin Saroya has sealed a sensational move Down Under and will play for Redlands United in the Brisbane Premier League for the next six months.

Saroya, 28, leaves for Australia in just under a fortnight to link up with his new teammates ahead of their league campaign.

He will stay with Redlands until the end of their season before returning to the UK when he hopes to rejoin the Magpies.

Speaking about his remarkable move, he told the Advertiser: “I signed up to this group on Facebook a while back which said they wanted players in Australia.

“At the time it wasn’t exactly the biggest of issues and I didn’t really think anymore of it.

“But in the last few months they started talking to me about teams who were interested in taking me over there.

“I had a few offers that just fell away but then Redlands United came in and I liked what they were about and how they came across.”

But despite the tempting offer Saroya initially turned down the move due to his loyalty to the Magpies.

He said: “At the time we were still battling relegation so I turned down the deal because I couldn’t leave until Maidenhead were safe.

“I love this club and Drax has always been so good to me, I couldn’t just walk away.

“Then they got back in touch  recently because they’d been following our results and they knew we were all but mathematically safe.

“So I spoke to Drax and he agreed I could play my last game against Welling.”

For the rest of this story see this week's Advertiser.

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