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00:00 Friday 21 December 2007 

Taplow train users call for better services

Rail users in Taplow say they have

seen little improvement with the new train timetable and are sick of the station

being marginalised.

Taplow Rail Users Group are making

fresh calls for the return of a Sunday service after the publication of First

Great Western's timetable earlier this month and are disappointed to see that weekday train services have been slashed.

Jon Willmore, chairman of Taplow

Rail Users Group, said: "There is a crying need for Sunday services to be

restored at Taplow."

"We are obviously also very

disappointed at a net loss of two weekday services from Taplow, which

involves three morning services to London being lost," he


But he added: "On the positive side,

there is a glimmer of comfort in the provision of an extra mid-evening commuter

train from London to Taplow and we are pleased that  the

overall service pattern has been tweaked so that it provides a slightly more

even service."

A spokesman from First Great Western

encouraged rail users to give feedback and added that the process of organising

next year's December timetable begins next month.

"We have a very diverse customer

base all with different needs and we have to balance that with a very

complicated rail network. We are not the only users of it and we have to

negotiate for access.

He added: "It's very difficult to

make everyone happy at the same time but we are


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