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09:32 Friday 17 September 2010 

Archers take aim at parking plans

Angry archers took aim at the Royal Borough this week when they handed over a petition signed by hundreds of Home Park users condemning plans for a car park.

Organised by the Windsor Forest Bowmen archery club, who use the park weekly, the petition condemns 'the waste of money and the detrimental effect upon the environment' they say will be caused by the park and ride extension, which was approved by the Windsor development panel in April.

Steve Ithurralde, Bowmen honorary secretary, said: "This is a further attempt to stop the council from wasting more money in a way that will not provide a solution to parking in Windsor.

"We are not opposed to additional parking in the town but the process should be done properly, so as to protect the current benefits of Windsor for future generations."

The original planning application, submitted last year, wanted to provide 95 extra spaces in Romney Lock Road.  But after concerns were raised over a safety area for the archery club's arrows, this was reduced to 49.

Cllr Colin Rayner, cabinet member for highways and transport, (pictured) said he is 'very very disappointed' at news of the petition.

 "It has already been through a public consultation and planning. We did everything they wanted us to do and they then come back and want more."

The project will be funded by central government, not council tax and money has to be returned if not used.

Read more in this week's Windsor Express.

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