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15:31 Thursday 20 May 2010 

Waterside Inn celebrates 25yrs of three-star quality

A landmark has been celebrated at the Waterside Inn in Bray.

More than 100 Michelin starred chefs from across the country and Ireland visited the village restaurant on Tuesday night, to celebrate its 25th anniversary of gaining three Michelin stars.

The establishment in Ferry Road, which was opened by legendary chef Michel Roux Senior in 1972 and has for the last 8 years been run his son Alain, is the only restaurant outside of France to have been awarded the prestigious guide's highest honour for 25 consecutive years.

Looking back at the moment he learned he had achieved the third star, Michel Roux Senior said: "There are times in our lives when we remember exactly where we were, a moment of epiphany, for a chef it is when they hear that they have been awarded the Holy Grail - the third Michelin star.

"It is important to recognise Michelin quality isn’t just about the food - it’s an entire philosophy by which a restaurant is run. For over 20 years The Waterside’s front of house has been led by Diego Masciaga, and it is thanks to his dedication that the service and kitchen teams run so beautifully together."

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