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Tuesday 28 June 2016 3:58 PM

Sports Blog: Ground Hopper

16:20 Monday 11 January 2016  Written by Ground Hopper

Berks & Bucks FA campaigns: Impressive or unrealistic?

Ground Hopper
Ground Hopper

(Published in the Maidenhead Advertiser on Thursday, January 7)


The Berks & Bucks FA, that often maligned organisation which administers all types of football from their ivory tower in Abingdon (Oxfordshire!), are setting some big goals for themselves.

They are to run 12 monthly campaigns this year to boost participation in the beautiful game.

They are starting this month with their 11v11 campaign which aims to grow the traditional game by providing support and resources to enable clubs to attract and keep players, and for former footballers to find a way back into the game.

It’s good to see the Berks & Bucks being proactive and from what I have read about this first campaign, it’s a promising start.

But I wonder if they realise just how big a task they have taken on?

Or is this a case of having extra funding from The FA and trying to find something to spend it on to justify their existence?

Also, what constitutes success?

What are the measurable targets?

It’s the sort of approach which should have taken place a decade ago as I fear the slowdown in the clubs and players taking part in 11v11 matches may be irreversible now.

It will also not be helped by the fact that the focus of the association will shift to the next campaign after just a month.

This all smacks of being well intentioned but unrealistic.

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