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15:30 Thursday 17 January 2013  Written by Charles Watts

Patrick 'The Tiger' Mendy set for WBA Intercontinental title shot

Patrick Mendy has an WBA Intercontinental title shot.
Patrick Mendy has an WBA Intercontinental title shot.

Maidenhead boxer Patrick ‘The Tiger’ Mendy will travel to Denmark next month to take on WBA Intercontinental champion Patrick Nielsen.

The title fight will take place at the Nordic Fight Night in Esbjerg on February 9 and 22-year-old Mendy is confident he can upset his unbeaten opponent on his own turf.

He said: “I am coming to Denmark to destroy Nielsen, I am Patrick ‘The Tiger’ Mendy, I will cut Nielsen everywhere and leave my mark on his face.”

Nielsen, who has won all 17 of his fights, eight by knockout, responded: “I have heard a lot of rubbish from my opponents before fights.

“At the end of the day, it was always them in the dust, not me. It will be the same with Mendy.

“He’s going down, like all of my opponents before him.”

Mendy shot to prominence when he became the youngest ever winner of the Prizefighter series  in 2010.

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