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08:00 Thursday 18 December 2014  Written by Dan Darlington

New world records in sight for three million metre man Duncan McCreadie


Duncan McCreadie at last summer's French championships
Duncan McCreadie at last summer's French championships

Maidenhead Marlins’ masters swimmer Duncan McCreadie says he’s well chlorinated after completing a challenge to swim three million metres in three years.

The 69-year-old challenged himself to swim a million miles in a year back in 2012, but fell short because the Magnet pool closed for the Christmas holidays.

He readjusted the marker to two million metres in two years, but missed out by a hair’s breath, coming 10-15k short, however, he made up the miles in 2014 and passed the milestone of three million in three years this month.

To complete the challenge he’s had to hit the pool seven times a week, swimming between 20km and 25km a week.

“I’m certainly well chlorinated, and a bit wrinkled,” joked Duncan, who’s broken 30 masters swimming world record, and has a few more in his sights for next year.

“I’m trying to look like the Hulk and will need to get down the gym because I’ve noticed I’m getting weaker as I get older.”

Reflecting on his decision to take on the mileage challenge Duncan said: “I think it’s because I’m a little OCD.

“I like to set myself little targets. Last year I fell about 10-15k short of doing two million metres but I’ve caught up.

“However, I’ve done the mileage, now I’ll be trying to break records.”

Duncan, a prolific masters swimmer for many years will now focus on speed, and breaking several more world, European and national records.

His age range switches again in 2015 and next summer he’ll compete at the open water and indoor World Championships, in Kazan Russia in the 70-74 age class before returning for a 70s-plus relay of the English Channel. He’s also set his sights on 20 new world swimming records.

“They’re all feasible,” said the popular swimmer from Ray Park Avenue.

“The first one is the 400m which is around 5.09mins so I’ll be going for that.”

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