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10:29 Monday 03 September 2012  Written by Charles Watts

We had 'lost our way' says Windsor FC chief Kevin Stott

Windsor FC founding director Kevin Stott.
Windsor FC founding director Kevin Stott.

Founding director of Windsor FC Kevin Stott has given his reasons for withdrawing the playing budget at Windsor FC.

Stott told the players after the 6-0 win against Croydon on Saturday and has left it up to them to decide if they would like to stay at the club.

Boss Keith Scott has resigned although he and the players have committed to fulfilling this Saturday's FA Cup clash with Didcot Town.

Stott, who has always maintained he doesn't want the club to rely on a benefactor, says he decided to take Windsor down a new path having been inspired by a trip to the Olympics.

He said: "I was lucky enough to attend two gold medal winning events by Team GB. What struck me most of all was not just the performances, but the importance of creating a legacy from the games by, as the organisers put it, ‘Inspiring the next generation of athletes.’ 

"As I drove home I realised that as a club we had lost our way a bit and where in danger of becoming a little too focused on the first team at the expense of our primary objective of creating a self- sustaining football club.

"This will not only allow us to inspire the next generation but the next 50 years of footballers in Windsor and the surrounding area.

"There are now 36 teams playing under the Windsor F.C. badge from the age of six upwards and the Stag Meadow regeneration plan could see all of them playing at Stag Meadow with the intelligent installation and utilisation of the latest artificial playing surfaces."

Stott continued:  "As you may recall when we started the new club last season, we set a competitive first team budget on the back of a business plan that showed self-sustaining income streams being generated by October last year through the installation and hiring out of artificial 3G pitches.

"Despite everyone’s best efforts we still have some way to go before we can realistically expect these pitches and income streams to be in place.

"I committed to fund the new club’s start-up costs and playing budget for the first season only because we were determined not to re-create a club reliant on a ‘benefactor’ for its future.

"Whilst we have made good progress in terms of the plans for the regeneration of Stag Meadow, it’s proved much more time consuming that we at first thought and the club is still someway away from being able to comfortably support a progressive self-sustaining playing budget."

Windsor FC want to inspire the next 50 years of footballers.
Windsor FC want to inspire the next 50 years of footballers.

On the reasons for withdrawing the playing budget. Stott said: "We have taken the view that our management and financial resources would be best spent at this time on the regeneration of the Stag Meadow in order to create the self-sustaining income streams. 

"Once this is achieved and our legacy is in place we can then revisit the plan to create a flagship first team that will also help inspire the footballers of the future.   

"In light of the above and after much discussion and no little heartache we have taken the decision to withdraw the footballing budget for the remainder of the season.

"I had a meeting with the players after Saturday’s game to explain the situation and it’s now up to them if they decide to stay or go."

He added: "If they stay, they stay we our blessing – if they go they go with our blessing. In any event they have committed to fulfil next Saturday’s F.A. Cup tie against Didcot Town.

"I’ve also spoken with Keith (Scott) who has decided that next Saturday will be his last game in charge. I would like to go on record to thank Keith and Jim (Melvin) for their contribution to date.

"It was no mean feat to achieve the runners up spot in the Combined Counties League Premier Division during our first season as a club."

Stott hopes to have a new manager appointed on Wednesday who will take charge of his first game against Egham Town on Monday, September 10.

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