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Thursday 30 June 2016 11:57 PM
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21:30 Tuesday 04 November 2014 

Top five Facebook scams revealed by antivirus firm

The familiar 'guess who viewed your profile' message is the most common scam used by cyber-criminals on Facebook, according to new research.

Antivirus software provider Bitdefender spent two years studying 850,000 scams spreading across the social network and found that scammers often repackage the same old tricks to infect users.

The study found there was no such thing as a typical victim profile, but found those who were less informed, particularly about how Facebook works, were more likely to be victims of Facebook scams.

The research showed almost half of social media e-threats asre based around the 'guess who viewed your profile' idea, while almost one in three scams try to attract users by advertising features it does not have, such as a dislike button or different timeline colours.

Bogus giveaways and celebrity sex tapes were also found to be common ways to entice users, while atrocity videos, where users are encouraged to share horrific images or videos, are on the increase.

Example include the recent 'girl killed by her husband' video which infected users with adware and malware.

Five most popular scam bait categories from the last two years:

1.) Guess who viewed your profile? - 45.50%

2.) Facebook functionality scams - 29.53%

3.) Giveaway scams - 16.51%

4.) Celebrity scams - 7.53%

5.) Atrocity videos - 0.93%

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