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00:00 Thursday 12 April 2007 

Will that be h'all M'lady...?

“THREE, two, one.... Thunderbirds are go!”
It’s a classic catchphrase that has permeated millions of  childhoods across the world since creator Gerry Anderson first conceived the idea of Thunderbirds in 1963.
And it has been revealed that one of the show’s best loved characters, Lady Penelope’s chauffeur, Parker, was inspired by a waiter at Cookham’s very own Kings Arms pub.
During the show’s conception, Mr Anderson worked in a studio on the Slough trading estate and used to come to the pub on Cookham High Street for his lunch almost every day.
Speaking exclusively to the Advertiser, Mr Anderson described how the character of Parker came about.
He said: “In 1963 when we were starting Thunder-birds, we used to go there almost every day, because it was a bloody good pub.
“There was a waiter in there called Arthur, who I always suspected started life as a cockney and somehow ended up in the King’s Arms. He was somebody who was trying to elevate himself.
“Arthur was part of the set up and he would chat everyone up. He was a bit saucy with some of the girls.
“He was so keen on being posh. He dropped all his aitches and put them back in the wrong places. He had a wonderful patter to his voice.
“One day we were preparing for Thunder-birds and we were sculpting the character of Parker and talking about how he should sound and then someone suggested Arthur at the Kings Arms and it just seemed like the perfect idea.”

See this week's Advertiser for the full interview.

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