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Friday 1 July 2016 7:47 PM
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10:52 Sunday 23 March 2014  Written by Luke Matthews

Native American-themed sleepover for Cookham Beavers

Bows and arrows were at the ready as beavers turned hunter-gatherers for a Native American-themed sleepover.

Nine youngsters from the two Cookham Beaver Scout colonies created wigwams, headdresses, totem polls and dreamcatchers before spending the evening singing songs around a make-shift campfire.

They spent the night camped out in the scout hut to earn their 'first night away' badge on Friday, March 14.

"It's the highlight of their two years in beavers and it's good preparation for when they move into cubs and go to camp," said leader Stephanie Matthews.

"For a lot of them it is the first time they have stayed away from their family.

"As leaders we enjoy it because we get to work with them in small groups and you get to know them.

"It was great fun and they all really enjoyed it."

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