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00:00 Friday 28 April 2006 

She"s a rockin" and a trolling

Chloe Howells was discovered in a twist of fate last year when her mother Joanne was put through, accidentally, by directory enquiries, to the recording studio of pop producer Danny DeMatos.

Mrs Howells was looking to produce a demo CD of her daughter's singing and after a brief chat Mr DeMatos agreed to help.

He produced Chloe"s first single All I Want for Christmas, which was sold at her school"s festive fete, Holyport Primary. It raised £200 for the school.

Her talent impressed Mr DeMatos, who has worked with artists such as Ricky Martin and Belinda Carlisle, and he passed her details to the producers of a new television show.

Last weekend Chloe, complete with pointed latex ears, filmed the pilot episode of The Trollmates, the story of four singing trolls who live deep under the mountains of Scotland but are taken to London to spread their eco-friendly message by an American recording executive.

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