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10:06 Saturday 31 May 2014 

PG tips Pure Green Iced Tea

It seems the Great British Summer is finally starting to show itself with some beautiful (but inconsistent) sunny weekends and soon we’ll need something to cool us down as it gets heated with the World Cup and Wimbledon just around the corner.  

Why not try this recipe for a deliciously, thirst-quenching green iced tea recipe.

PG tips Pure Green Ice Tea

It’s perfect as refreshing drink for the whole family but can also be easily turned into a cheeky cocktail for drinks with friends.

PG tips Pure Green Iced Tea (serves 4)


4 PG tips Pure Green tea bags

4 cups boiling water

Sugar, sweeteners or honey (if desired)

1x lemon sliced



Place 4 PG tips Pure Green tea bags into a bowl or pitcher then add 4 cups of boiling water

Let it steep for between 3 and 5 minutes then remove the tea bags from the water (the longer you leave the tea bags in, the stronger the taste).

Sweeten with sugar, sweeteners or honey if desired.

Let the tea cool to room temperature then refrigerate for 1-2 hours until chilled.

To serve, fill your glass with ice and pour over the tea, garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy.

For an extra summery fruity twist, why not try with PG tips Raspberry green or Juicy Red Berries? 

Developed by Lindy Loves for PG tips.

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