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14:04 Thursday 10 January 2013  Written by Lara Cory

Interior trends for 2013

HomeWe're in the midst of an age that will probably go down in history as being similar to the Art and Crafts movement.

Like the era led by William Morris in reaction to the state of design, today's trends seem rooted in motifs that reflect nature like botanicals, birds, wood land creatures and anything organic. These nature-inspired designs have been popular for years now and show no signs of abating.

Another similarity to the Arts and Crafts movement is the embrace of crafting and craftsmanship and the rejection of mass-produced imports.

Today we want bespoke, hand-made and more than ever looking to do it ourselves at home.

We love recycled, up-cycled and want to decorate our lives and our homes with natural and elemental materials and simple lines that remind us of nature and design heritage; think Orla Kiely, Liberty prints and the resurgence of Ercol, vintage and items that celebrate fine materials and craftsmanship. So with this in mind, here are the top trends emerging for the year ahead:

Organic - As mentioned above, anything referring to plants or animals, landscapes or the elements is still featuring heavily in everything from fabric design to art prints, wall paper and even furniture. Keep those leaf-patterned cushions on the sofa for another year.

Shine - All that glitters is gold this year with an interest in anything shiny. From brass to copper and chrome to pewter, elemental sparkle will feature in home interiors for 2013. Bring a metallic patina to your home with lamp bases, candle holders, bowls and gilded frames.

Not so slick - It looks we're moving away from ultra modern, slick and sexy. When it comes to kitchens, 2013 will bring a touch of homely back into our homes. With materials like weathered timbers and crackle-glazed tiles making a come back, it looks like designers are embracing anything with irregularities or signs of age to put some character back into the heart of our homes.

Feels natural - Everything from furniture to bench tops and flooring will be looking towards natural materials in 2013 with slate and marble making a come back from it's hey day in the eighties. This ties in with the forest and animal theme of keeping everything natural and can be jazzed up with the elemental sheen of brass, copper and chrome.

Big colours - Bright, vibrant more saturated hues are working their way back into the hearts of designers. In contrast to the pastels of some vintage designs, the bold home decorator will find plenty to colour their homes with this year. Think wall paint, fabric, tiles and carpets.

Reflective surfaces - Cut glass and mirrored surfaces will become more prominent. With decorative items like votives and light fittings taking on that old fashioned glint of the crystal decanter, clusters of mirrors will also add to the reflective character of homes in 2013.

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