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12:51 Wednesday 13 February 2013  Written by Francis Batt

Hospital targeting heavy drinkers with new screening service

Accident victims whose health is being wrecked by drink are to be offered advice and support.

A new screening service at Slough's accident and emergency department at Wexham Park Hospital went live this week.

Accident and emergency consultant Dr Nick Jenkins said: “We often see patients with illnesses and injuries relating to alcohol use, however up until now have tended only to deal with the initial medical reason for attendance. 

"The new alcohol screening service means we can now identify if alcohol might be the underlying cause of their health issue or visit to A&E and offer them advice and support to change their drinking habits."

Amy Chapman, project officer at Slough Drug and Alcohol Action Team, which commissioned the service, said: "The service will also identify high risk drinkers who frequently attend A&E and provide an opportunity to try to get them into treatment to address their alcohol use.”

Statistics show that more than 95,000 adults in Wexham Park Hospital's catchment area have developed drinking habits which could be harmful to their health.

Wexham Park Hospital has around 7,000 alcohol related admissions every year.

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