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Saturday 25 June 2016 10:15 PM
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15:50 Tuesday 02 December 2014  Written by Ellie Mae

Ellie's Fashion & Beauty Blog - Sick Day Beauty

cold flu sneeze sickIt’s not only winter that’s closing in but the flu season as well. The last thing you want to do when you’re ill is apply a load of make-up, but taking some time to make yourself look better might make you feel better too.

It’s important to keep your skin care routine going when you’re ill. That means cleaning your face every morning and night. Keep products moisturising to combat the dry skin that inevitably happens when you’ve been blowing your nose for two days straight. Keep your eye cream in the fridge and it will really help to get rid of puffy eyes.

Less is more when it comes to make-up. If you have to go to work or an event then you might want to cover up some of the signs of illness but not look cakey if you are struggling with dry skin.

Only use high coverage products where you need them, under the eyes and around the nose are the most likely areas. For the rest of the face use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to even out the skin tone.

Don’t skip on blush, that bit of colour will add a lot to your face. Waterproof mascara, in case of watering eyes, and some lip balm will set off the look.

The most important thing is too stock up on supplies before you get ill. No one wants to be staggering out into the cold in search of some medication and a lip balm when they’d rather be in bed.

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