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Monday 6 July 2015 4:39 PM

Now the weather is starting to heat up, thoughts are turning to summer getaways and what you can do to prepare for them. None of this is compulsory of course, but they're things I like do.

Spending hours by the pool or the beach, or generally chilling out and being on holiday, means you might not want to be wearing that

16:37 Wed 10 Jun 2015
Strips Eyelid plasters are all the rage in Japan, and they're now available in the UK too. Lady Gaga's make-up artist, Natalie Franz, promises that Magicstripes will lift droop in seconds. They're a surgery-free way of
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12:00 Tue 19 May 2015
Salt While summer doesn't necessarily scream hot baths they can do a lot to improve your skin. This week I've been trying out Westlab's Himalayan Salt. To use you put around 200g into a hot bath
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15:56 Wed 08 Apr 2015
Ellie's Fashion & Beauty Blog: Spring Transitional Make Up The weather is heating up (it'll rain now I've said that) so it's time for a change up in the make up department. Here's how I achieved this look: Face: sun cream, primer, foundation (you
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14:04 Fri 13 Mar 2015
The pressures of being a Modern Day Mum Can Mums really 'have it all'? asked women how they cope with the pressures of being a modern day Mum With Mother's day approaching, it's a time to reflect on our Mums and
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14:13 Wed 10 Jun 2015
Kaffe If your day ever needs brightening up, Kaffe Fassett's designs are a good place to start. His love of vibrant colour, rich texture and flowers pervades everything he does - a body of work that
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12:51 Tue 12 May 2015
Kiehls Baby skin looks and behaves differently to grown up skin and needs special care. Kiehl's have just launched three new products for babies, and Neal's Yard have a comprehensive range of organic baby-friendly skincare products.
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08:45 Tue 17 Mar 2015
Diets don't work: Five Fitness Myths Our Diets don't work blog is by Ascot-based personal trainer Adam Atkinson. He offers health and fitness advice on our websites each month. Last week saw numerous media reports on Dr Charles Eugster who broke
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11:31 Fri 13 Mar 2015
Brighten up your mother's day with Bobbi Brown There's still time to add colour to Mother's Day. Flowers are the obvious choice, but Bobbi Brown's Brightening Brick is another. The Brightening Brick (£34) is a hybrid: part bronzer, part blusher, part highlighter. It
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