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14:47 Thursday 06 November 2014  Written by Helen MacDonald

Opinion: Will landlines become a thing of the past?

Helen MacDonaldI GOT an email from a nearby department store recently, inviting me to their ‘exclusive shopping event’ with the perk of a free ‘glass of fizz’.

I’m quite partial to fizz, so started to fill in the necessary form, but one of the ‘mandatory fields’ required my mobile number, which was a bit of a stumbling block.

I’ve mentioned before that I guard my mobile number with my life, as I loathe being pestered by marketing texts and calls while out and about. But on this form a landline number wasn’t acceptable.

Is this going to happen more and more? According to the media, landlines are dying out, as younger people tend to use their super- smart phones for calls, texts and a multitude of other functions, while a lot of the older generation, like me, grimly cling on to their home phone as well.

So I’m faced with a dilemma. Do I give in now, invest in a smart phone instead of my little-used PAYG mobile, and ditch the landline?

Or do I hang on in there until landlines become a thing of the past?

I suppose you could argue that older people have more need of mobiles as emergency backup than most. The irony is that they are also more likely to a) forget to charge it, b) forget to take it out with them, c) regularly lose it or leave it behind somewhere, and d) find the tiny keys and font size quite a challenge.

Has anyone invented a gadget or App (see – I know the language!) which makes your mobile emit an alarm if you move more than three paces away from it, and another one for when it needs charging?

If not, could someone hurry up and invent it  then let me know! 

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