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Friday 29 May 2015 2:52 AM
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Baylis Media Offices

Baylis Media Ltd, Newspaper House,
48 Bell Street, Maidenhead,
Berkshire, SL61HX.      

Advertiser Editions:
Newsroom: 01628 680680
Advertising: 01628 680680
Fax for Newsroom and Advertising: 01628 682700
Production: 01628 678282
Accounts: 01628 680680
Express Editions:
Newsroom: 01753 825111
Advertising: 01753 825111
Fax for Newsroom and Advertising: 01628 682700
Production: 01628 678282
Accounts: 01628 680680

Book an advert or buy a photo at our Maidenhead Town Centre office

Queen Street Office
Maidenhead Advertiser, 78 Queen Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1HT.

Opening times:
Monday: 10am-4pm (Closed for lunch between 1-2pm)
Tuesday: 10am-4pm (Closed for lunch between 12.30pm-1pm)
Wednesday: 10am-1pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed

Reporting Team

Glenn MitchellGlenn Mitchell 
Deputy Editor
628 678230
Twitter: @GlennMMitchell


Nicola Hine

Nicola Hine
Slough & Windsor Express News Editor
01628 678231
Twitter: @nicola_hine

   Graeme Copas
   Baylis Media Sports Editor
   01628 678232
   Twitter: @GraemeCopas


Daniel DarlingtonDaniel Darlington
Sports Reporter
01628 678266
Twitter: @Darlington10


James Preston
James Preston
Digital News Editor & Business Monthly Editor
01628 678245
Twitter: @japre

Emma Billingham
Burnham Advertiser Reporter
01628 678273
Twitter: @EmmaB_BM

Luke Matthews
Luke Matthews
Cookham Reporter
01628 678236

Lucy Elder
Windsor Express Reporter & Entertainment Editor
01628 678229
Twitter: @LucyElder_BM

Simon Meechan
Simon Meechan
Bray Reporter
 01628 678228

Twitter: @SimonMeechan_BM


Paul Miles 
Paul Miles   
Slough Reporter
  01628 678257 
 Twitter: @p-miles1

Hannah Crouch
Slough Reporter
01628 678227

Tom Roddy
Tom Roddy
Twyford Reporter
01628 678238
Twitter: @TomRoddy_BM

David Lee
Windsor Reporter
01628 678259
Twitter: @DavidLee_BM

James Harrison
Bucks Reporter
01628 678224
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