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Baylis Media Ltd is an independent publisher of five weekly newspapers, providing news and information in print and online to the east Berkshire area since 1869.

The company, which publishes the Maidenhead Advertiser, Burnham Advertiser, Twyford Advertiser, Slough Express and Windsor Express, is committed to the principles of fair, accurate and impartial reporting of local issues and aims to provide its readers with unrivalled coverage of the area.

Baylis Media Ltd is unique in that its independence is guaranteed by its status as a trust. In 1962 Louis Baylis, the Maidenhead Advertiser's proprietor, created a charitable trust which bears his name.

This effectively made a gift of the newspaper to the town with the aim of keeping alive the invaluable tradition of public service it had established. Each year the trust distributes money to local good causes while the newspaper's values of public service and providing an independent voice for the community remain as strong today as ever.

The family name continues its legacy within the firm, with Norman Baylis' eldest grandson Jeremy Spooner holding the position as chairman and managing director, and Gerald Baylis' eldest son Jason Baylis being the deputy chairman and IT and production director.

In May 2008 Baylis Media Ltd bought the Slough and Windsor Express series and the company won an award for 'Weekly Newspaper Website of the Year' from the Newspaper Society in the same year.

As well as the five editions of newspapers every week with a combined readership of nearly 128,000, Baylis Media Ltd also produces a number of special publications.

These are the Business Monthly, Life Etc - a lifestyle glossy magazine - and Weddings Etc, both of which are published twice a year.

Baylis Media Ltd is based in Bell Street, Maidenhead.

Click here to read more about The Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust.


Directors 2
Board of directors:

Chairman / CEO: Jeremy Spooner
Deputy Chairman / Production and IT Director: Jason Baylis
Editor / Director: Martin Trepte
HR Director / Co.Secretary: Rebecca Pollock

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