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09:43 Thursday 19 June 2008 

THEATRE REVIEW: The Wonderbus - Wycombe Swan

There was a bus-load of laughs as ‘The Wonderbus’ tour terminated at the Wycombe Swan, dropping off a trio of top British funny men. (Typical, you wait for one comedian to come along and you get three at once!) 


Performing to raise awareness for a scheme to provide transport to take the elderly in homes and sheltered housing to see live entertainment, comedy conjurer Paul Zenon, silly and surreal Harry Hill and the outrageous Lee Mack alighted and delighted the audience with some well-travelled comedy. 


The schemes’ initiator, Paul Zenon offered mirth and magic.  Harry Hill entertained with an act that went off in as many weird directions as a faulty Sat-Nav and Lee Mack stole the show with his no holds barred hysterically naughty set.


It’s not often you get so much top deck comedy on one bill and I for one was glad I didn’t miss this bus.

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