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10:56 Friday 03 December 2010 

A Bed Full Of Foreigners - Mill at Sonning

Rather like the pre-show Christmas dinner, this was comedy farce with all the trimmings. 

Set in an ailing French hotel where wardrobe doors stick and radiators leak, all the ingredients of farce were thrown into the mix. With illicit liaisons and mistaken identities, trouser dropping and saucy underwear revealing, this dish of 1970’s comedy was topped with dollops of double-entendre.

The excellent cast threw themselves into their parts with enthusiastic abandonment and those playing the ‘foreigners’ showcased their skills learnt from the ‘Allo Allo’ academy of foreign accents.

Unfortunately like Christmas dinner, there can be more on your plate then you want and at times I felt stuffed with the silliness and some of the dated humour left me as cold as a slice of Boxing Day turkey.

But like that festive feast, it’s a matter of taste and overall this farce satisfied the appetite of many in the audience.

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