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10:33 Friday 12 July 2013  Written by Francis Batt

The Wedding Singer comes to Colnbrook

The Wedding Singer
The Wedding Singer

What's a guy to do when his girlfriend of seven years dumps him at the alter - especially when he makes his living singing sentimental songs at other peoples' weddings.

Robbie Hart - the hero of the 1980s-set musical The Wedding Singer - flips completely. He wrecks his career by insulting the guests at the next wedding his band sings at, is knocked senseless by the outraged bride and thrown into the nearest dumpster by the angry guests.

His attempts to turn his life around by breaking into Wall Street and becoming a financial wizard are soon complicated by the fact he has fallen in love with Julia - the girlfriend of a ruthless wheeler dealer who has taken Robbie under his wing.

Meanwhile Julia's madcap best friend Holly's on-off romance with band member Sammy is causing more complications.

This popular musical comedy - based on the famous film - is being staged next week by Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre (CAST). It runs at Colnbrook Village Hall in Vicarage Way from Wednesday, July 24 until Saturday, July 27.

The show is directed by veteran CAST member Steve Oakes.

Tickets are £9.45 (reduced to £7.35 on Wednesday). Box office 07894 579177 or e-mail:

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