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17:44 Thursday 23 May 2013  Written by Justin Burns

Toyah Willcox stars in Hormonal Housewives

A celebration of women is how singing and stage star Toyah Willcox describes Hormonal Housewives, which is proving a smash-hit in UK theatres.

The show is written by husband and wife team Julie Coombe and John McIsaac and the Spring tour sees them cover 67 theatres with the Wycombe Swan as the last stop.

The pop icon stars in the comedy alongside writer Julie, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley.

Toyah said: "We play ourselves and it is a celebration of women and we talk to the audience.

"It is naughty comedy and Chaucerian.

"We also do sketches and do mums at the school gates, book clubs and erotic literature and very personal grooming."

The show also covers anything that makes women tick from joys of teenagers, to the challenge of IKEA, the madness of holiday reps and the insanity of DIY.

She added: "We cover a broad spectrum of subjects so people of all classes can enjoy it and feel recognised by the show."

The 54-year-old said the theme has been great to do in England due to the diversity of people across the country.

She said: "The thing about England is it is so radically different and we get bigger laughs at some things in some towns than others.

"That is very exciting and we feel it is fresh every night."

Toyah said it is not for the under 16s and men are welcome.

But she added: "The men must have to like female banter."

She said on average each audience has been watched by about 900 women compared to about six men.

Talented Toyah's career has spanned more than 30 years.

She has had 13 Top 40 hits, written two books, and appeared in numerous theatre productions and feature films.

And she said she really enjoys doing Hormonal Housewives.

She said: "It is really fun doing comedy and a lovely way to work and the show is a laugh every five lines.

"As it is so rude it is so fun."

Hormonal Housewives comes to the Wycombe Swan on Sunday, May 26

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