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20:00 Thursday 30 October 2014  Written by Lucy Elder

Comedian James Mullinger returns to his home town with latest tour

Maidonian James Mullinger is making a return to his home town with an 'inherently British' show.

A self-confessed middle class feminist, James takes a look at people's obsession with British crime culture.

"For years I have been planning on doing a show about British crime culture and the absurdity of mine and other people's obsession," said the former Alwyn School pupil.

"I always thought it was inherently silly but I didn't know quite how to do it."

The 36-year-old said it was fellow comedian Tony Law who told him 'you have got to do a show on that'.

A boarding school boy who studied women's studies at uni, James is the first to admit the strangeness of his obsession with EastEnders bad boy Danny Dyer.

"I am not a hard man. I am not a blokey bloke," said James.

"I can iron a silk dress and make fairy cakes.

"For some reason I am interested in all this crime."

James admitted he wasn't very academic at school, but the one teacher who inspired him was his English teacher, Mrs Murphy.

"During our English A-levels she was struggling with lung cancer," said the former East Berkshire College student.

"She insisted we went to her house to teach us on her death bed."

It was because of Mrs Murphy's inspiration he went on to read women's studies and English at Kingston University.

"She was choosing to teach us stuff that wasn't on the syllabus," said James, adding it was things such as feminist readings of classic novels that got his attention.

"It was the first thing I had ever studied at school I found fascinating."

Still living in Maidenhead, James would take the Heathrow bus from outside the Windsor Castle pub to get to uni for lectures, which took almost three hours.

"I would do that for a two hour lecture," he said. "It was crazy."

The former Portlock Road resident, who now lives in the 'just beautiful' Rothesay in Canada, has been 'gigging constantly' on the other side of the Atlantic.

But much of the comic's material is very area specific, meaning content for the upcoming tour is fresh for the UK.

"I have obviously done the show a few times in the UK, but normally in the build up to doing a big tour you would be doing a lot of preview shows to get it in your head again," said James.

Norden is the last date on his tour, which started on October 24.

"I absolutely love it because I grew up going to Norden Farm," said James, who used to work at WHSmiths in Nicholsons Walk.

"The studio theatre room is just fantastic for comedy.

"More than that it is the professionalism of everyone at the venue."

James Mullinger - How A Middle Class Feminist Fell in Love With Danny Dyer is at Norden Farm on Friday, November 7.

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