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14:16 Tuesday 18 February 2014  Written by Michael Owens

BalletBoyz launch ballet into the 21st century

A strapping troupe of 10 men are sending ballet leaping into the 21st Century with their touring show of high-intensity dance.

BalletBoyz will be hit the road this month to perform a thrilling double bill of work by two of the UK’s biggest choreographers. 

With members from Italy, France and Britain who have trained across Europe, the group will perform Liam Scarlett’s Serpent and Russell Maliphant’s Fallen.

The show was taken around the country throughout 2013 to critical acclaim and this new tour is the perfect opportunity to engage with a new audience in 2014 according to co-founder and co-artistic director, William Trevitt,

“We’ve got a really strong company and a really interesting double bill that I think appeals to a very wide audience," he added.

24-year-old Edward Pearce has been a member of the team for four year.

BalletBoyz was his first job after he graduated dance school.

He said life on the road was tough - balancing a six-day-a-week training schedule with performing - but it was a great gig.

“One of the things I love about being a member of the company is that it doesn’t feel like I work for a living which is the best thing you can every hope for from a career.

"It feels like I’m realising my passion and having a great time. 

"We really are like a family, we all get on so well, everyone’s like my brother, we look after each other and it really means a lot. 

He added he hoped the group could show off what ballet has to offer to a whole new audience with a pair of inspiring performances that would shatter any negative notions that people might have about the art form.

"I think people will probably be expecting guys in out tutus dancing quite effeminately but actually it's very physically demanding and athletic.

"[Serpent] is more traditional and [Fallen] is really epic, with epic music and lots of lifts.

"It's definitely not what you expect so you should come with a really open mind because we'll a lot of people's conceptions.

"We're bringing ballet into the 21st century."

BalletBoyz is at the Wycombe Swan on Monday, February 24

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