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Saturday 18 April 2015 8:11 AM

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The evergreen Scottish rock band hit the road again to mark the release of their 16th album 'Big Music'.

The single 'Let The Day Begin' was released in January and pays tribute to The Call and their singer and guitarist Michael Been, who passed away in 2010.

The Call toured with Simple Minds in the 1980s and became firm friends.


12:40 Tue 14 Apr 2015
Ultimate Elton Hitting the headlines for performing at Elton John's mother's 90th birthday is Wycombe-based tribute act Paul Bacon. Paul, who is a spitting image of the Crocodile Rock hit maker, has been performing full-time as an
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11:15 Mon 13 Apr 2015
Jo Whiley Jo Whiley has been announced as the DJ for Royal Windsor Racecourse Ladies' Day. Jo, who currently has a regular weeknight slot on BBC Radio 2, will be performing a live DJ set at the
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19:00 Sat 28 Mar 2015
therapy Punk metal band Therapy? embark on their new UK tour with their latest offering. Disquite is the bands 14th album and finds the trio of Cairns, bassist Michael McKeegan and drummer Neil Cooper in incendiary
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12:26 Thu 26 Mar 2015
Sub89 Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg is set to play a live DJ set at Reading's Sub89. The US star, known for hits including Drop It Like It's Hot and Gin & Juice, will appear at the
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10:30 Tue 14 Apr 2015
fil A former X Factor contestant is hoping to hit the headlines again by achieving something he says has never before been seen in UK chart history. Fil Henley, known as 'Fil with an F' during
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19:00 Mon 30 Mar 2015
ob Rising mod and indie outfit The Turning will be headlining this year's Bobstock Festival. The band has sold out The Barfly in London three times and are set to play at various festivals over the
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19:00 Thu 26 Mar 2015
ELO tribute ELO Again Relive ELO in their heyday with A Night of ELO Again at Norden Farm. The Electric Light Orchestra were the epitome of the age of glam rock. The band has 39 top twenty singles in
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13:30 Fri 20 Mar 2015
Caddy Cooper Australian singer-songwriter Caddy Cooper will entice her audience with tales of life, love, loss and the fragility of the human condition. The 29-year-old will be performing songs from her latest album Outside the Wire, which
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